Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book #2 Outline & Chapters - "The Roster"

The journey to build book #2 has started.  We have decided to give it the working title of "The Roster".  At the end of "Inflection Point", millions of people have been infected by a machine virus.  Depending on who is feeding the software controls to that virus, it is either benign, beneficial or fatal...

Here is the premise to "The Roster":

As the year 2020 comes to an end, the world is recovering from a global terrorist attack.  Many thousands are dead, world superpowers are rebuilding the ranks of government, and tens of millions are infected with a dormant super-virus.

This virus is a man-made, machine infestation inside the human body.  It binds with the human host and is inextricably woven into a person's biology.  There is no separating a victim from the infestation.  The only hope is that the software which runs inside the victim is beneficial not harmful.

The UN security council has established a governing body to protect these people by tightly governing the list of infected world citizens.  Access to and manipulation of the list offers a near-God like power over those afflicted by the virus.  Control over people's health, their attitudes, their buying decisions, their voting decisions, even the next breath they take...

Despite the best of intentions and diligent security precautions, segments of the list get into the wrong hands.  Mafia, big business, and bad government prove to be very resourceful in overcoming the carefully planned safeguards to the list.  A government operative sees the early warning signs, and despite his sense of duty and obligation to mission he steals the list.  He steals it to hide it from the world, encrypting it and all copies that surface in any digital device with a powerful software lock.

The government operative goes deep into hiding, but he has the whole world after him.  In his desperation to keep the list safe, he injects the key to unlocking the list into a child.  An innocent, unknown child who should never know or been known after the operative disappears...but the prize is too grand, the list too important to be lost.

We hope to finish the first manuscript by October 2010.  As we develop more concepts and story ideas we will add several more posts to the blog...

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